4 Reasons Why Buyers Can Get Turned Off by an Otherwise Ideal Property

October 19, 2021

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When prospective buyers view your property, you hope they will think it’s the
perfect fit for them. It might well be. However, there are things that can get in
the way of a buyer recognizing that perfect fit and making an offer.

Take a look at these common reasons why some buyers will walk away from
an otherwise ideal property:

1. Poor staging. Is staging really that important? According to several
studies, an effectively staged home will usually sell faster and for a
higher price. Staging not only makes your home look good to buyers, it
also shows off all the positive characteristics of your property.

2. Clutter. Psychologists tell us that clutter often makes people uneasy.
That’s definitely not the feeling you want to convey when showing your
property! Also, clutter is more apparent to visitors than it may be to you.
So, if you have a room that seems a bit cramped to you, imagine how it
feels to the buyer.

3. Maintenance issues. Just as clutter does, maintenance issues make
buyers uneasy. If they see a dripping faucet in the bathroom, they may
worry there are more serious issues lurking elsewhere. Also,
maintenance issues are distracting. (Buyers will notice the faucet leak
rather than the beautiful tiles.) So, get any needed repairs done when
preparing your home for sale.

4. List price. Setting the list price is both an art and a science. You want
the price to attract as many qualified buyers as possible. If it’s set too
high — or even too low — buyers who might have otherwise made an
offer won’t even bother to see your property. Make sure your home is
priced right.

The good news is, these situations are easy to avoid. So don’t give buyers
reasons not to like your property, especially if it may be ideal for them. Make
sure your home shows its best.