5 Easy Ways to Make your Home More Eco-Friendly

November 4, 2022

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These days, people are more environmentally conscious. When it comes to
their homes, that often starts with being more thoughtful about heating and
cooling so they’re consuming less energy. With that in mind, here are some
tips for making your home more eco-friendly:

1. Install a smart thermostat. Modern thermostats come with various
features that help you manage heating and cooling, so you use less
energy. For example, you can program a thermostat to adjust
temperature during the workday and then turn on heating or cooling an
hour before you get home.

2. Take advantage of non-peak times. Many utilities (electricity, water,
etc.) offer price breaks at non-peak periods. For example, washing your
clothes later in the evening might reduce your water bill. Ask your utility
providers about available price-saving programs.

3. Buy energy-saving products. A wide range of products are available
to help you lower energy consumption, from shower faucets to kitchen
ranges. The next time you’re shopping for an appliance or fixture,
ensure it has eco-friendly features.

4. Replace worn insulation. A one-inch crack in window insulation can
cause your home’s HVAC system to work harder. That’s why experts
advise that you check the insulation around doors and windows once a
year and repair or replace it where necessary.

5. Manage passive heat. It’s no surprise that a window letting in the sun
will make a room warmer. So, take advantage of this free energy
source. Let sun into rooms on cool days, so your furnace doesn’t have
to come on as often. Do the opposite on hot days.

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