8 Things Buyers Don’t Want to See in a Kitchen

July 18, 2023

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When prospective buyers visit your listed home, the room they tend to
check out most closely is the kitchen. So, it pays to ensure it looks its best.

However, no matter how tidy, clean, and well-adorned you’ve made your
kitchen, there are some issues — which can seem minor — that can
distract a buyer from appreciating those positive qualities.

Here are just a few to watch out for:

1. Stained sink. Use a specialized cleaner for the type of sink you
have. (For example, Stainless Steel Sink Cleaner.)

2. Garbage in the garbage bin. Buyers don’t mind seeing the bin,
just not garbage in it! Don’t forget to also empty the organic waste

3. Left-over cooking scents. Avoid cooking anything prior to a
viewing that may create lingering odours. For example, not
everyone appreciates the aroma of spaghetti sauce!

4. Cluttered countertops. You want the countertops to look spacious
to buyers. So remove any items that don’t absolutely need to be

5. Old or worn mat in front of the sink. Replace it.

6. Cluttered or disorganized cupboards. Declutter and organize
your cupboards. Buyers are most likely to open upper cabinets.

7. Poor lighting. You want the lighting in your kitchen to be bright (but
not blinding) and evenly distributed.

8. Damaged or stained countertops. Replacing your countertops
can improve your kitchen’s look considerably, so it might be worth
the investment.

Would you like more suggestions on how to stage your home so that it
gains the interest of buyers? Contact me. Call today!